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Two Years
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Confetti Petals & Vintage Teas

Christmas is just around the corner and I am looking forward to hosting some family gatherings. Our Vintage China has been used for several events now along with our home grown real flower petal confetti, so it will be nice to set up my table in true vintage fashion. Its interesting that people really adore having afternoon tea served in real china. We use only Staffordshire Vintage China

Two Years

It has been two years since we purchased our farm House and we have worked tirelessly to make it our dream home. Set in twenty three acres of rolling countryside we have come up with uses for our land rather than just rent it out to a local farmer. 

We have decided to grow delphiniums for making into confetti, the photo above shows the method we use for drying. Its a really exciting time for us as the farm has inspired some new business ideas along with B&B and holiday cottages we have our new business Confetti Petals and are looking at Vintage China for weddings and special occassions.

Growing Confetti

Its been a hard two years renovating the Farm House but we are nearly there and about to start on the first barn. During that time we have had time to look at the land and make some decisions about what we would do with it. At this stage in our lives it has to be something we enjoy doing so we have hit on the idea of growing Delphiniums for confetti, green eco and biodegradable!

Creating a garden

May and June have been very busy creating a garden here on the farm. We have  around two acres of lawned area and have planted our Larkspur and wild flowers to create some meadow spaces for the wildlife. The hanging baskets are up in the courtyard and I hope they will rival the baskets we have had in previous years. The top floor is coming on and we are talking to the planning department about the B&B rooms in the old Stable block so am looking forward to moving that project on. As ever the Corley Barns take up a lot of our time and the Stables is currently being redecorated.


Our new venture. A ski resort!!!!!

Getting There and keeping out the cold

We decided to go for solid fuel central heating but with parts of the house still open, it has been difficult to tell how efficient it is.The one thing I do notice is that the radiators never get really warm, the ones at the barns on gas get red hot which the ones on the oil get quite hot these just seem to get luke warm. So in an effort to get the place sealed up and warmer the cellar has now got a door, the top floor was doored as was the office. The office is a really cold spot and yet is just behind the log burner so should be warm, its been insulated to modern standards so that one is a real anomaly.

Winter in Warwickshire

A winter wonderland.

One Year On

One year on eighteen rooms down!!.

The Threshing Barn

Busy as we are with the Farm House renovation we decided that The Threshing Barn which had been on long term let was looking tired and in need of some decoration and updating, so Tom and I set to work waving our magic. In keeping with our restoration values and our lack of budget we have kept the furniture but given everything a fresh new look, painting the wood and upholstering seat pads. I always say once we get going, if it stands still long enough it gets a coat of paint.. When the Threshing Barn was last decorated Tom lightened the beams painting them into the ceiling colour but people go to a barn because they want beams so they have all been restored into the black that people expect. As it is on the ground floor we tiles through and put in a new bedroom carpet. Now back to The Farm House

August 2012

I have been quiet thae last couple of months mainly because Tom has been tiling and I have been grouting since April, what can I say!! However the sun finally came out and we decided to spend some time tidying up what was the Farm Yard and starting to turn it into a Courtyard Garden and also on the front putting in paths, gravel and a new lawn down to the stream.We have used 10 tones of gravel on the paths created so far, but for a garden which has just been put in we are very happy with the results so far.
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